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Force Protection  

Global Force Protection

Explora Security is at the forefront of anti-terrorism engineering, security, surveillance and risk research and development through a series of collaborative programmes with predominantly US, UK and Canadian agencies.


Our primary focus is Force Protection of personnel and physical locations and assets.  


We have an ongoing programme of research & testing enabling us to validate innovative security solutions to site-specific challenges. This optimises overall design performance and cost efficiency. 


We conduct explosive and security vulnerability assessment and blast analysis together with threat and risk assessments. This enables us to design security blast threat mitigation enhancements. This is supervised with quality assurance through to the eventual certification by our specialists trained in the field of risk assessment. Explora Security has, through delivery, gained international recognition as the leaders in the field of Force Protection.

Our risk assessments are conducted in the following ways:

  • Identify the specific assets and personnel that need to be protected from terrorism and theft etc. 

  • Determine the probability of each potential risk event to that particular client. 

  • Identify the types of risks that could recognise the assets & personnel.


Resulting from the design of complete Force Protection solutions, Explora Security specialises in the integration of Force Protection, Security, Surveillance and Detection equipment supplied by separate product companies into a comprehensive and complete array of security designed solutions.


Explora Security has vast experience in the integration of systems in both forward operating bases (Afghanistan, Iraq, Djibouti & other locations) and commecial and iconic locations globally (Canada, USA & other locations).  We have the knowledge and expertise to handle the logistics of shipping to remote regions, including by design packaging in QUADCON shipping containers.


Explora Security has designed and integrated turnkey security solutions for Entry Control Points, Perimeter Security, and Rapid Deployable Checkpoints using various equipment components such as:


  • Electronic detection equipment – Vehicle under-body scanning, Explosive detection devices, Metal detectors, Long Range scanning device etc.

  • Physical Security Measures – Roadblocks (Pop-up and fixed), Drop-Arm barriers, Turnstiles, Blast mitigation structures, Blast mitigation portable barriers etc.

  • Personnel Identification and control – BAT (Biometric Automated Toolset), HIIDE (Hand-held Interagency Identity Detection Equipment) and various other systems.

  • Support equipment – Generator, light equipment, etc.


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