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Blast & Ballistic Security

Research & Development

Research & Development

Explora Security has been and is involved in the design, development and testing of various hardening and security technologies for numerous companies.


Explora Security conducts R&D efforts both in private and government programmes and as part of academic research. These result in the development of tailor-made solutions for needs deriving from the operations field.


Recent developments include force protection solutions such as: Dynatower, Dynablok, Dynablok blast and ballistic protected guard house and personnel search buildings, overhead 122mm rocket and mortar protection, Dynablok T-barriers and blast walls, energy absorbing blast and ballistic windows, vehicle bollard systems, turnstiles and the Dynacell protective platform.


These Explora joint developments have an internationally recognised certification following a series of explosive tests conducted by US TSWG – Technical Support Working Group ("The national interagency research and development program for combating terrorism requirements at home and abroad"

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