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Project Management

on site, any site

Explora has been continuously involved in the management of global projects since its inception.  


Our team includes members who regularly deploy to harsh and hostile environments to ensure full engagement with the end user at the point of construction. Our experience has led us to believe that there is no substitute for close engagement with the client at every level.


We manage projects in some of the most challenging parts of the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan, and are able to draw on this experience for more conventional projects.


The successful integration of various systems to enable enhanced security capability relies on the performance of each individual element in the system; therefore, especially in the field of security and protection, it is vital to perform adequate Quality Control during the shipping, installation and training for each system.


Explora Security Field Engineers have performed Quality Control for numerous construction projects in commercial, iconic and in theatre locations, resulting in the successful operation of state-of-the-art systems in hostile, remote and time critical locations worldwide.

Project Management

for Hostile Environments

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