Protecting People by Design 

since 2004 

The Company

We go where others fear to tread. 

Explora Security is internationally involved in the design, development and testing of various security technologies for governments, multinational organisations, NGO's and large commercial entities including oil companies.


Our clients include both the civilian and defence markets. This includes NATO, UN, US State Department, U.S military, Headquarters, Embassies etc. We have implemented threat analysis, risk assessment, design, supervision and subsequent certification for some of the most dangerous environments on earth including war zones. We also conduct risk assessment's for civillian companies such as Power Plants that are prone to explosions.


Core to Explora Security's approach is a different perspective on blast and ballistic protection - Energy Absorption versus Mass.  


A 'mass' led approach relies on: 

  • 'bulk' - primarily heavy, thick, expensive reinforced concrete

  • heavy use of resources

  • high levels of logistic support

  • restricted height

  • restricted sites


Explora's 'energy absorption' approach relies instead upon: 

  • blast mitigation

  • less bulky

  • lower use of resources

  • higher material performance

  • ease, and a broader range, of retrofit options

  • easier to camouflage or disguise


Our Experience

We are at the forefront of anti-terrorism engineering, security and surveillance research and development through a series of collaborative programmes with predominantly US, UK and Canadian agencies. We have an ongoing programme of research & testing enabling us to validate innovative solutions to site-specific challenges. This optimises overall design performance and cost efficiency. 


We conduct explosive and security vulnerability assessment together with threat and risk analysis. This enables us to design threat mitigation enhancements. This is supervised with quality assurance through to the eventual certification by our specialists. Explora Security has, through reputation, gained international recognition as the leaders in their field

Our Process

Explora is more than a process - it's years of real-world experience, science and testing.



Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure  (CRCI)

Register of Security Engineers & Specialists



ISO 9001 Cert No.6107


NATO Cage Code: KCYC6

DUNS No.: 424518335


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