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Iconic Landmarks

Blast Protection

The brief was to create an upgraded Vehicle Screening Facility, incorporating strengthened vehicle screening and search capabilities to meet updated and evolving threats, support the expansion of increased construction traffic, provide new technological tools & operational space - along with increasing protection for RCMP officers and staff.  


The project introduced new capabilities and technologies such as ballistic resistant guard booths, under vehicle inspection, radiation detection, mobile x-ray, drop arm crash barriers, license plate recognition and under vehicle inspection.  


Particular focus was made on introducing blast protection - of personnel, technology investment and to preserve site access integrity.  To validate the protection levels Test Walls were assembled and tested extensively in various blast conditions.  


All of this had to be installed in an architectural and heritage environment to short timescales.  

Architecturally Sensitive

Hostile Vehicle & Personnel Mitigation


Vulnerability & Security


Iconic Architecture Blast Mitigation Modelling

Explora Security Ltd were engaged to perform a site survey at the location of the “Passage” underneath an iconic European museum and perform a Threat Analysis for terrorist-related activities at that location.


Analysis of the various risks emanating from these threats to the Museum’s structure and inhabitants. Particular attention was paid to Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Devices (VBEID), personnel borne IED’s and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. 


Various models were completed to assess the potential damage to the structure, its occupants and its content due to an incident.  Explora Security then provided advice and concept solution strategies to minimise the threats and mitigate the risks.


Iconic Architecture

Blast Mitigation Modelling

Landmark Building Blast Mitigiation

Explora Security Ltd has been involved in the design and supervision of numerous blast mitigation elements of an international organisation building within America. 


Given the institution’s high international profile and physical location, extra care has been taken to ensure that staff and facilities are protected from numerous threats.  Explora Security has been engaged to ensure the architecturally stunning building has been modeled for blast and provided blast mitigation designs to ensure those threats are reduced.


Iconic Landmarks

Blast Protection

High Security Iconic Infrastructure

This highly-classified project was one of our most difficult to produce due to the extraordinary shape of the government ministry. This project presented a unique challenge for upgrading its security protection due to its complex threat scenario and user requirements.


It was the re-modelling of a 1980s constructed building to a completely modernised structure, providing a secure and aesthetically-pleasing building. Traditional survey methods and simple modeling were insufficient; the unconventional shape of the structure would have a focusing effect on any blast. 


Explora deployed a team of experts to conduct an all-hazard site Survey.


Given the nature of this impressive, prestige building, blast effect modeling was essential to the solution.


Explora provided:

  • A team of experts deploying to site

  • Site Survey

  • Blast modeling and engineering teams in support at our main office

  • Mitigation Report & Recommendations

High Security Infrastructure

Iconic Architecture - Additional Projects

The projects listed above are just a sample of Explora Security's proven track record in the design, build, certification and real-world testing of Iconic and Architectural  Infrastructure Protection techniques and technologies.  


For further details, or to learn how Explora Security could help your organisation, please contact us. 

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