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Supporting Hostile Environment Diplomacy

British Embassies

Explora has assisted the British Foreign Office in numerous projects in high-risk areas.  These projects have involved varying levels of design, construction, integration and certification against tight deadlines and budgets.  


Projects have been completed in Turkey, Iraq, Egypt & Uzbekistan on behalf of the British Government.  All have involved an initial security vulnerability assessment and design of mitigation measures for vehicle, personnel, blast & ballistic threats.  

Most projects involved retrofitting of blast, ballistic & entry control point protection and systems within existing infrastructure, architectural sensitivities and on short timescales.

Following the attacks on the HSBC Bank and British Consulate in Istanbul in November 2003, Explora staff deployed to Istanbul alongside the Forensic Appraisal Team to work on the British Consulate.


The work involved Forensic Appraisal and Lessons Learnt alongside the Design and integration of temporary defences incorporating Access Control, Search Control, Lined Gabions, DynaShield, Access Barriers and Electronic Surveillance.


A great deal was learnt from this experience and much has been incorporated into the designs of many projects since then. Explora prides itself on being able to deploy at short notice in response to urgent needs. Our designs incorporate the very latest knowledge of terrorist capabilities and weapons coupled with the state of the art materials and techniques available to us and being developed constantly by our team of security architectures. 


In 2006 Explora Security was requested to survey and then design a Blast Resistant Structure for a British Embassy in Asia.


At the request of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Security staff, DynaSystems DynaBlok was incorporated in the design.


The work was completed to a high standard of finish and the completed wall enhances the appearance of the Embassy which had previously used Lined Gabions occupying the pavements and had received criticism from the Uzbek Government for its appearance.


Many projects Explora Security is involved in are iconic buildings that need protection, yet must not look as though they are fortresses. The design also camouflages the protection that is in place, thereby making it difficult for an attacker to successfully plan their method of assault.

British Embassies

Perimeter Security

Design & Build

Canadian Embassies

Canadian Embassies

In 2006 Explora Security conducted a survey and risk analysis leading to a Canadian Chancery in the Middle East undergoing the fitting of Blast Resistant Film and Catch systems.


The installation of the film had a number of advantages for the occupants. In addition to critical infrastructure protection in the event of a blast, the reflective nature of the film made it difficult for persons outside the building to detect the presence of Embassy staff.


This is coupled with the detrimental effect the film has on electronic surveillance devices using lasers. The work was conducted without affecting the normal running of the Chancery and was completed on time and within budget. The work was conducted on 4 floors of an existing office block.


The work was conducted by DynaSystems Ltd and supervised by Explora Security Ltd.

Explora has been involved in the security vulnerability assessment and design of mitigation measures for several foreign embassies, consulates and representative office locations in high-risk locations for the Canadian Government.


Many of these were carried out on a complete design, integration, construction and certification basis.  Explora Security Ltd has worked with Global Affairs Canada to ensure the security and safety of patrons and staff in Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt and the UAE.  


Most projects involved retrofitting advanced anti-blast technology & entry control points within existing infrastructure, architectural sensitivities and on short timescales. 

Across the Middle East

US Embassies & DoS Bases

Explora Security Ltd. has had a long history working with and for the US Department of State's consular and diplomatic activities around the world.  Operations have been supported across harsh and hostile environments globally from Explora's Force Protection Security Engineers. 


Following Explora's proven operational procedures, these activities have primarily involved the security vulnerability assessment and design of mitigation measures for several foreign embassies, consulates and representative office locations in high-risk locations for the US Government.


Many of these were carried out on a complete design, integration, construction and certification basis.


Most projects have been completed in Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and in support of NATO and UN operations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  

US Embassies

Hostile Environment

Force Protection

Office of the Quartet - UNDP

Explora Security was tasked to perform a Security Survey, Blast Risk Analysis and Blast Mitigation Design for the site (and it’s perimeters) selected as the residence for the Quartet Representative in Jerusalem. This involved close liaison with the Representative’s security team, the UK Metropolitan Police Special Operations team (SO1) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 


The initial stage saw Explora perform a survey to determine the resistance of the proposed new building to the effects of a bomb attack as well as the possible threat scenarios that it could be exposed to. Further risk analysis took place to establish what steps would need to be taken to improve the protection. Once these were identified a protective blast and security design was submitted showing the use of additional protective works and retrofit options.


Project management and Certifications Services for Blast & Ballistic Windows, along with Catching Systems, were also provided. 


Explora Security were also asked by the Quartet / London Metropolitan Police Personal Protection to design a blast mitigating wall to protect the new headquarters.  The building is designed to withstand significant blast pressures from a VBIED or similar source at very close ranges.  The wall will deflect and absorb the blast, using reinforced concrete and Dynablok in a composite structure.


It is a supreme example of the state-of-the-art blast and ballistic protective technologies that can now be incorporated into a beautifully designed and finished structure. Explora contract management, procurement, logistic delivery, design, construction supervision, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Certification “Fit for Purpose” were key to the success of the project.

UNDP - Quartet

Diplomatic - Additional Projects

The projects listed above are just a sample of Explora Security's proven track record in the design, build, certification and real-world testing of Diplomatic Infrastructure Protection techniques and technologies.  


For further details, or to learn how Explora Security could help your organisation, please contact us. 

Iconic Diplomatic 

Infrastructure Design​

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